Creating a Relaxing Summer Solstice Environment in Your Home

Do you give so much that your reserve fuel for self is low? Do you feel constantly anxious over things you should be doing? Does the idea of doing nothing frighten you? If you've answered yes, to even one of these questions, you seriously need to find inner peace. Call it what you will--shalom, pace, pax--it's crucial to mental health. And summer is the perfect time to set about creating serenity for yourself. And here's how. Benedictine monasteries and most Holy Orders follow what is known as 'The Liturgy of the Hours'. Traditionally, prayers and scripture focus on eight periods in the monastic rule or Rule of St. Benedict. They are named for the kinds of prayer offered as well as the hour of the day. Here area ways to create a peaceful, relaxing environment.  Summer Solstice and Relaxation