DIY Romantic Decor and Design

Best Spot for a Romantic Dinner in Any City
A recipe for romance that you can use wherever you are and regardless of your budget! A do-it-yourself romantic dinner with tips to make it your most memorable Valentine's Day ever!
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Easy, Green DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving and Autumn Decor: Easy Fall Crafts for Your Home
Thanksgiving is a delight to the senses. I want to sop up the sounds and taste of fall. I want to gather autumn color and smell in my arms. Here's a guide to work fall and Thanksgiving into your home decor with 12 easy crafts.
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Holiday Lighting Decor

Holiday Lights: Green, Creative Ways to Use and Reuse
Don't you love the simple beauty of holiday lights? Strings of soft, delicate colors add a lovely ambiance. Use low wattage holiday lights year-round for decorating and design. Here's a list of green ways to use holiday lighting.
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DIY Wall Repair~ Beautiful Wall Decor in no time!

How to Fix Ugly or Damaged Walls
Got some not-so-hot walls? Wnat to fix 'em up fast,cheap and easy? Here's how to refurbish damaged, scuffed walls using paint, borders and appliques. Inexpensive, green, diy and fun! You'll be so proud of your great looking new walls! And you can brag that you did it all by yourself!
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Creating Serenity with Decor

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Serenity
Step-by-Step guide for designing peaceful places in your home. Quality, inexpensively furnishing, accents, linens, pillows, house plants, art and more!
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Interior Painting Guide~ DIY Style

Interior Wall Paint: Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss?
Review of the pros and cons of each paint style as well as appropriate situations in which to use each paint.
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Creepy, Gothic Haunted House DIY

Design Your Vintage Haunted House for Halloween
Want to create the ultimate gothic spook house for Halloween? Details for activities, sound effects, decorations and costumes for an authentic haunted house, right out of Dark Shadows. This would be a great literature, art or theater class activity.
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Make an Cheap Closet Fast, Easy

Need More Storage? Make a Quick, Easy Inexpensive Closet
Create a closet with lots of space in under one hour, under $20 and no tools!
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Plaster Ceiling Redo and Ceiling Make-over

Design Ideas for a Ceiling Remodel
Design tips for ceiling redos and remodel. Links to decorative plaster repairs tips.
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DIY Disney CARS Bedroom Decor Theme

How to Design a Disney Pixar 'Cars' Bedroom Theme
Complete how to guide to create a Disney Cars bedroom theme; wall art, bed linens, furniture floor cover and more!Creative and clever!
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Furniture Improvs and Make-overs

Fabulous Furniture Improvs
Need a dresser or place to store your clothes? Here are a dresser makeovers, redos and diy designs. Some dressers with a little twist! Easy and Cheap! And no stuck or squeaky drawers!
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White Elephant Treasures ~ shelves and racks

White Elephant Treasures - Shelves, Racks, and Containers
Creating restful, useful and artful spaces begins with choosing the right furniture. Explore your local secondhand venues and rummage sales for white elephant furniture pieces. You'll find variety, individuality and occasionally some history!Today's quarry: the perfect rack or shelp!
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White Elephant Treasures for DIY Decor, Design

White Elephant Gift Ideas
Unearth treasures from the bygone days and give those white elephants for Christmas! Do a little Santa detective work to discover what your loved ones collect and find the perfect addition for cents on the dollar!
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DIY Budget Make-over Decor

White Elephant Gift Ideas - -Occasional Tables
Here's another sort of white elephant to rummage for in those lovely secondhand sales: occasional tables!
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Blue Flower Decor Theme

Best Blue Flowers for Weddings and Spring Gardening
A primer on blue flowers for for decor themes. Garden accents, wedding bouquets, planting.
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Rococo, Baroque Decor

How to Create Budget Rococo Decor: Lavish Design and Decor Style to satisfy our inner courtesan! My husband calls this decor theme my 'bordello' look!
budget decor guide for baroque/rococo design
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Design Fall Leaves Theme for Autumn

Create Wall Decor: Falling Leaves Scene
Simple DIY design technique to create a falling leaves scene on any interior wall.
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Victorian Decor Theme

Victorian Home Decor Accessories: 25 Coordinating Design Elements
Here is a list of 25 vintage accessories to arrange in your Victorian Home decor.
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Rustic Western Decor

Rustic Decorating Ideas for Western Style Home Decor
Here are over 25 decorating and design elements for your rustic or western style home.
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