Free Printable St Patricks Day, Easter Holiday and Events Decorations

Planning a holiday or event party, then get over to Martha Stewart for printable templates, patterns, crafts, stencils. You'll find printable for every holiday, theme and occasion. Coming up, she's got St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Mother's Day crafts. But you can access any holiday from the page I linked. There are cards, invitations, decorations, games, banners, cut and paste, children's activities, gift crafts and more. Look for birthday, anniversary, new baby, wedding, bridal shower, graduation and religious events.   Free Crafts and Printables from Martha Stewart 

Decorate Your House with Old Recycled Maps

I love old maps--I guess I'm a cartographati! And from the responses I wrote on a post about my virtual Bubblews friend map, I guess I'm not alone. Many people said they shared a fondness for maps. I'll take that one step farther--I decorate with them. I save old maps from garage sales and National Geographic. I was given a bunch of old ones when I homeschooled. I went through and removed them all. You can print maps too  Decorate Your House with Old Maps - News - Bubblews