Free Printable Valentine's Day Craft Decorations

Looking for cute free Valentine's Day craft activities and party decorations? Here are websites full of free printable crafts, games, party supplies, greeting cards, valentines and holiday activities. Perfect for classroom valentine exchanges and parties. There's a cute cut-and-paste folded paper candy box, similar to the Necco Sweethearts conversation candy hearts box. This craft prints in two pages, one with instructions and one page with the craft.  Free Printable Valentine Decor

Free Printable Star Charts, Constellation Patterns, Zodiac Templates for Night Sky Decor

 Astronomy is one of the most fascinating sciences to share with kids. Stars are only visible at night, but kids can enjoy star-gazing each night mostly anywhere and it costs nothing. Here's a galaxy of printables that are free for educators, homeschoolers and families to use. Perfect for designing a night sky bedroom theme or home decor design. There are printable constellation patterns for horoscope tattoos, signs of the zodiac designs and astrology stencils. Solar System Printables