Creating Personal Inner Sanctum Spaces for Writers

Home Decor: Creating Your Own Personal Writer's Inner Sanctum Work Space
If you're like me, you spend hours creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for family and guests. But what about your personal workspace? Today we are going to create your personal writer's inner sanctum workspace.
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Ten Home Decor Accessories Under $10

10 Easy DIY Home Decor and Accessory Tips Under $10
Want to freshen up your home decor easily and inexpensively? Here are ten decor accessories under $10 that will add zest and utility to any home decor theme. As Lady Greenwise, I always recommend second hand shopping to reduce landfill fodder.
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Gothic Victorian Decor Tips

How to Create Sensual Victorian Gothic Decor Styles
With the popularity of vampire and zombie fiction, many of the more avant-garde home decorators are turning to Gothic Victorian design elements for their room decor. 'Gothic decor' is an oft searched term. Here is a DIY guide to Gothic design.
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Green, DIY Recycled Wall Covering with Maps

Green Spring Cleaning and Decor Tips: Recycle Maps, Book Jackets, Magazine Covers for Wall Covering
Spring cleaning is a great time to redecorate or remodel. While you're moving furniture and cleaning, make your work multitask. Refresh your decor with green, recycled options for wall coverings: maps, book jackets and magazine covers.
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'Green' Recycle Decor from Plastic Bags

Green, Recycled Bread Bag and Plastic Bag Basket or Rug Craft
Home decor from trash and the recycle bin? Absolutely! April is Earth Month and what better way to celebrate than with new ways to use old stuff. Here's a craft that I remember from when I was a kid using recycled plastic bread bags and grocery bags. Weave a rug, basket, coaster or mat. Here's how.
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How to Clean a House Super Fast in 10 Easy Steps

Realtor's Guide to Quick Household Clean-up
Whatever your decor, sometimes you need to do a quick clean-up. Here's a super speedy way to clean the house in 10 fast easy steps.
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Easy Wallpaper Border Hanging and Wallpaper Repairs

Easy, Inexpensive DIY Wallpaper Hanging and Repair Tips
It's happened. The unthinkable. You found the perfect wallpaper,bought the tools, followed the precautions and hung your wallpaper. Just as you sit back to admire it, you discovered a rip. Don't panic, here's a wallpaper first aid kit.
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Valentine's Day and Mother's Day Gifts: Inexpensive and Creative Decor

Inexpensive, Creative Gifts for Mom on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day
Does Mother's Day find you wondering what gifts your mother like most? You're in good company. Many people find It is easier to grab the usual bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates than to shop around and find that special gift for mom.
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