Halloween Decor, Trick-or-Treat Spending Trends

Halloween is a controversial holiday. While parents are buying record numbers of children's costumes , other parents object to Halloween. Despite concerns of stranger danger, candy safety, religious issues and the fear factor, more parents are celebrating Halloween with their kids. In fact, spending on Halloween, including costumes, candy and decorations, is up. Despite unemployment, under employment and rising costs not commensurate with earnings, people are spending more on Halloween.

Before I give you the Halloween facts and figures, here are some suggestions--DIY-it. Make your own costumes and decorations and save drastically. My youngest wanted a $60 Teletubbies costume for Halloween this year. Now this was no problem when it was our money that would be spent. When I suggested she spend her own $, her tune changed fast. Now she's thinking homemade is a good idea. You can do the same with decorations. Use a few recycled sheets, some cotton stuffing from an old pillow and whip up spooky haunted decor cheap and easy. Read on. Facts About Parenting, Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Trends