Gothic Victorian Decor Elements for Horror and Vampire Lovers

With the popularity of vampire and zombie fiction, more avant-garde home decorators are turning to neo-Gothic design elements. For edgy, sensual, eerie decor ideas, turn to the repressed (erotic) Victorians for inspiration.

The Gothic period in art and architecture harks to early middle ages spoke to Victorian religious mania-cum-eroticism. Hag-ridden by restriction, the dark, demonic Goth influences fed their fears. Freud had a field ripe to explore libido repression, sexual phobia and phallic lust.

Gothic colors: black, gold, blood and wine red, silver, deep midnight blue. Metallic colors symbolize sexual prowess. Dark colors evoke night, evil, supernatural and foreboding.

Gothic patterns: paisley (sensuous curves and loops resembling sperm, represent suppressed phallic symbols) Paisley was a popular for men's smoking jackets, vests and lounge robes. Also velvet, lace and brocade.

Gothic furniture: sumptuous divans, floor pillows, chaise lounge, settees and tiny gilt tables. The emphasis is on comfort and seduction.

Gothic curtains and drapes: Curtains symbolize hidden desire, secretive trysts and bedroom activities. Curtains should be of weighty fabric--velvet, velveteen, brocade. Drapes should be lined for privacy and held back with sensual gold rope. Gothic Victorians curtained everything: doorways, alcoves, niches (in which usually resided a voluptuous Greek nude sculpture displayed on a pedestal).

Gothic decor elements: funereal plants (rhododendron, fern, ivy) wreaths, draping fronds seductively wrapped around pedestal or elevated plant stand. Evergreens symbolize sensuality, fertility and death.

Not-necessary but nice to have Gothic decor items: samovar (Turkish tea urn), hookah pipe, nargile, bong, water smoking implements.

Gargoyles: must-have. Should be carved in stone or deep mahogany of newel post or bed frame to frighten innocent maidens into a gentleman's bed. Stone gargoyle statues, with leering eyes and lasciviously lolling tongue are quintessential Victorian eroticism. For more decor visit me