DIY Wall Repair~ Beautiful Wall Decor in no time!

How to Fix Ugly or Damaged Walls
Got some not-so-hot walls? Wnat to fix 'em up fast,cheap and easy? Here's how to refurbish damaged, scuffed walls using paint, borders and appliques. Inexpensive, green, diy and fun! You'll be so proud of your great looking new walls! And you can brag that you did it all by yourself!
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Creating Serenity with Decor

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Serenity
Step-by-Step guide for designing peaceful places in your home. Quality, inexpensively furnishing, accents, linens, pillows, house plants, art and more!
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Interior Painting Guide~ DIY Style

Interior Wall Paint: Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss?
Review of the pros and cons of each paint style as well as appropriate situations in which to use each paint.
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Creepy, Gothic Haunted House DIY

Design Your Vintage Haunted House for Halloween
Want to create the ultimate gothic spook house for Halloween? Details for activities, sound effects, decorations and costumes for an authentic haunted house, right out of Dark Shadows. This would be a great literature, art or theater class activity.
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Make an Cheap Closet Fast, Easy

Need More Storage? Make a Quick, Easy Inexpensive Closet
Create a closet with lots of space in under one hour, under $20 and no tools!
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