Recycle Maps, Book Jackets, Magazine Covers for Wall Art

Holiday decorating is the perfect time to start thinking redecorate or remodel. While you're about the task of moving furniture and cleaning, make your work multitask. Plan your post holiday decor. Here are green, recycled options for wall art: maps, book jackets and magazines.

I am a map-ophile. I should have been a cartographer, surveyor or navigator in another life. I could stare at maps all day and now I can when I rehang maps as wall art or wall covering. Save old maps and pull out maps from National Geographic, Conde Nast, Smithsonian and other travel/culture magazines. I was given several years worth of National Geographic. Besides making fabulous lesson plan material for homeschool and my classroom, I collected about two dozen maps. Hang maps from different regions and time periods. Maps are large enough to use for entire wall coverings. Paper the den, office or bathroom with maps for a bold, literate decor. Green Spring Cleaning and Decor Tips: Recycle Maps, Book Jackets, Magazine Covers for Wall Covering 

Tightwad Mama's Common Sense Christmas Shopping

I have a long shopping list of people to buy for at Christmas. I buy several church giving tree gifts. I'm also a tightwad mama. Here are penny pincher shopping tips to save money, keep costs low and buy meaningful gifts for everyone. Lesson number one if you decorate for Christmas or any holiday, keep it simple. Make your own decorations. Use recycled materials. Print decorations from the internet. Make them with kids and old folks. Everyone wins. Read on Tightwad Mama's Common Sense Christmas Shopping Tips