DIY No-Sew Swag Drapes, Curtains with Recycled Bed Sheets

Frugal is my middle name. DIY are my initials and resourceful is my main character trait. I'm always looking for ways to create expensive decor with recycled materials. Today's tip: reuse top sheets for no-sew swag curtains. When I buy a package of sheets or bed in a bag, I don't use the enclosed top sheets. For me, they are just something extra to wash and an extra step in the bed making process. So what do I do with all the extra top sheets? I have quite a few uses actually. For those with a little sewing experience and a sewing machine, you can create a lovely set of matched window curtain from one top sheet. You can also create a curtain for a closet door. Read more

Cheap Holiday Home Decor on a Shoestring

I'm the original frugalista. In home decor, I'm all about recycled, cheap and (my favorite) free. At Christmas, I save big with homemade, re-purposed decorations. Here's my guide to decorating for the holidays on a shoestring. Tasteful holiday decorations at prices even we cheapskates can stomach!  read more