Catholic Prayer Garden: Plants, Flowers for Jesus, Blessed Mother

Prayer, meditation and devotion are not just cerebral activities. True prayer must involve the whole person. Catholics use body gestures to keep our hearts and souls as well as our minds fixed on our Lord. We use the sign of the cross, we kneel, we bow, genuflect and sometimes prostrate ourselves to bring our whole self into oneness with our Lord. Catholics also involve all five senses in our worship. We sing, chant and fix our eyes upon the lovely icons of our church so that we will be completely centered on our Lord. We also burn incense, candles and use scented oils to bring all our senses together. And in our highest worship of all we receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Here's a list of flowers and plants to use in a memorial garden to Our Lady and Jesus. Lent and Easter Prayer Garden: Plants, Shrubs, Bushes and Flowers