Patriotic floral flag garden, RWB flower decorations for gardens, Veterans Day, Memorial Day grave decorating

My mother-in-law lives in a retirement community. She's an avid gardener with an unusually green thumb. For Memorial Day she volunteered to plant a patriotic floral flag garden. She shared how to make a floral flag garden. You can also use these ideas to make mini indoor patriotic gardens for fall and winter. Or they can be used to decorate graves of loved ones. 

Best red flowers: geraniums, carnations, roses, mums, impatiens. White flowers could be gardenia, lily, carnation, impatiens and mums. Blue flowers include hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, cornflowers, petunias.

Flag centerpiece. There are several ways to make a patriotic garden. My mother-in-law arranged hers as floral tribute around her community's flag. Use this option if you have a flag pole. Or place a flag in the center. Make sure that it is in a solid holder, does not touch the ground and is either lit at night or taken down at dusk. You can create a patriotic garden around a lamp post. Place small flags in and around the perimeter and leave the light on at night.

Floral flag flower options. The easiest way is to use same kind of flowers for even spacing and growth. Impatiens and petunias are ideal.They come in solid red, white, dark purple and striped. Petunias have the best shade of blue. Use them for the blue field of stars.
Floral flag. For this option, you need 5.5 foot by 7.5 foot flower bed. Plant 13 rows of flowers 4-5 inches apart. Each row should have about 15 blossoms planted 5-6 inches apart. Stagger plant spacing row to row so that they don't look like a pegboard. For the field of blue, start rows 1-6 with 6 alternating blue and white flowers. Begin and end with blue. Continue rows 1, 3 and 5 with 9 red flowers and rows 2,4 and 6 with 9 white flowered plants. Plant rows 7, 9, 11 and 13 with 15 red flowers. Plant rows 8,10 and 12 with 15 white flowers.

Amount and cost of flowers: You will need 22-24 blue flowered plants, 87-90 red plants, 88 to 90 white plants. This is a total of 197 to 204 plants. You get 32 plants from a large flat with 8 trays in it. Each tray has four plants. Buy about 6-7 flats for this sized garden: 3 red, 3 white and 1 with 24 blue flowers and the rest mixed.